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Luxhous SA upholstery

We do not consider saddlery (leather craftsmanship) as a profession, but rather as an art, a passion, and a unique craftsmanship (know-how). That is why we apply all our skill to realise the project of your dreams!

Luxhous SA offers its services in the following fields:
Cars, be it for a historic vehicle or a more recent vehicle, a convertible or a limousine, to restore or transform, to change the leather interior, change the winshield or to create a personalised emblem or mat.
Motorcycles for which we propose saddles made to measure
Boats, where we propose work on the tarpaulins, sail covers, dodgers, sun covers and the cabins.
We take care of the maintenance of your vehicle (cleaning, teflon coating, seat repair) and manufacture made-to-measure covers to protect it.

Our skills also cover the hotel environment for the re-upholstery of furniture for example, or in the medical field with specially adapted products and materials.
We also work together with designers for the conception of press rooms or show rooms for watch manufacturers or banks.

We wish you a pleasant visit to our site and remain at your service for any enquiries.
LUXHOUS SA - 3, chemin de la Charpente - 1219 le Lignon (CH) - Phone +41 22 757 13 93 - Info@luxhous.com